UK pop hidden treasure


Co-pilgrim is a  hidden miracle of  modern brit pop . Mostly unknown to the vast  of the public,the band  have managed to grow with every  album  a small  but solid fan base. Fronted by Mike Gale  one of those anti-heroes that sometimes we find in music. A Genie that doesn’t want to come out of the bottle, surrounded by amazing musicians like Claire Bennett who with her ether voice, synths and keyboards gives to the formation a stylish sound. The band also runs with Joe Bennett from the Dreaming Spires, who swaps the bass for the guitar eventually taking the 12 strings guitar for a spin.

With echoes that reminds us to Teenage Fanclub, The Essex Green Attic Lights or Camera Obscura. Co Pilgrim will haunt you from the the first listen and soon they will be part of your life just like good friend do.

They are bringing to the Summer pie Festival, their last album “Moon Lagoon” (2017, Farm Music) the 5th of their career and the most eclectic to date, swinging from the most delicate pop to the most powerful rock. varying from moments of pure acoustic intimacy to moments where the synthesizers acquire the leading role…. Don’t miss them because you are really going to be surprised.

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