Evening Hymns

Evening Hymns

Spirit of the remote forests of Ontario.

Website: http://www.eveninghymns.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eveninghymns

Evening Hymns is one of Pecan Pie weaknesses. Jonas Bonetta´s band trapped us since the day we met. Our connection with the band was “Astral”. The harmonious conjunction between the resemblances of  Neil Young and the sounds of the wild nature of Canada (Jonas actually works as  a Lumberjack in the Canadians woods)  is not only music but experience. Theirs songs are able to fulfill the soul with a feeling of omnicity that overwhelms the audience and make them part of a sort of pagan celebration.

Further to this, a couple of years they showed  in Lloseta the greatness of  their live performance. And if this wasnt enough their last album to the date “Quiet Energies” (2015, Outside Music) is a master piece and our number one record that year…..and on the top of that Jonas is in Love with Mallorca

And that’s why we needed to have them at “The Summer Pie” this Year”…We hope you understand!!

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