Oxfam Intermón
[pbr_block_heading title=”The solidarity facet” subheading=”Our collaboration with Oxfam Intermón”]One euro from every ticket sold (what we call the solidary euro) is donated to Oxfam Intermón. All these euros represent your solidary collaboration. They are deposited in the emergency fund of Oxfam Intermón.

A little awareness

Since 2013 the Summer Pie Festival and Oxfam Intermon collaborate together. During these years we have been emphasising in several actions of this NGO as: help to the victims of the war in Syria; starvation in the Horn of Africa (Somalia and Ethiopia); fight against child labour or the big companies tax evasion.

Our contribution may not be very large, but it’s the excuse for everybody at the festival to have a moment to reflect and think about all those people who do not have the same fortune as us and who, for that, are having a bad time.

Meanwhile, Oxfam volunteers collaborate with the festival taking over the place of sale merchandising bands participating in the festival. Oxfam also has an information point where you can also buy their own merchandise.[/pbr_block_heading]

[pbr_block_heading title=”What can you do?”][/pbr_block_heading][pbr_featuredbox title=”Find out more” position=”top-left v3″ icon=”” photo=”10001″ text_style=”dark” information=”Go to the Oxfam information point at the festival and find out their development programs, humanitarian aid and fair trade.”][pbr_featuredbox title=”Donate” position=”top-left v3″ icon=”” photo=”8691″ text_style=”dark” information=”Just by attending the festival you are already contributing with one euro to Oxfam Intermón, but you can make an additional donation if you wish.”][pbr_featuredbox title=”Become a member” position=”top-left v3″ icon=”” photo=”10003″ text_style=”dark” information=”Become a member or join the volunteer team of Oxfam Intermón.”]
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